• AL Mansour Hotel, Jeddah

AL Mansour Hotel, Jeddah

This large hotel development is planned for a high-density land parcel located on a prominent site directly across from the Royal Palace in Jeddah.  Intended as a luxury hotel destination, accommodation and event facilities were designed to service large business and family functions from across the City.  The overall development was conceived as two towers on a multi-storey retail base, with one of the towers visually dominating the city line silhouette.  The major tower contains a hotel, that uses an elliptical shape to minimize the visual impact of it’s massing from the palace.  In contrast, the second tower takes on a more rectilinear form and contains serviced apartments.  At its base, a large event multipurpose hall occupies the ground floor, with separate entrances and facilities for male and female in respect of Islamic culture.